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What cleaning agent is best for carpets?

Carpet Cleaning Newhall technicians stress that there are cleaning solutions that are specific for each type of carpet. However, make sure that the pH level of these cleaning agents fall within the "neutral zone" between 7 and 8. This is to ensure that it will not corrode, foul or damage the carpet. This cleaning agent should not strip away the carpet's resistance to stains, should it feature such capability. If the owner has developed certain allergies or has young children at home, choose a hypo-allergenic variant as well.

Red dyes – can you still remove these from carpets?

Among the toughest type of stains that are hard to remove from carpets includes red dyes. But if the carpet is relatively new, the chances of removing red dyes from them are much better. However, in most cases, the only way for removing red dye would be to conduct a “heat transfer” process, where cleaning solution is first applied to the spot, and a wet cloth is laid over it, then ironed, and thoroughly rinsed afterward.

Is upholstery steam cleaning effective?

Upholstery steam cleaning will refresh the fabrics of the furniture but it's not the ideal solution for stain removal according to Carpet Cleaning New Hall. Steam will remove dust and excessive dirt but not stains. For stains use more effective products, which are appropriate for this job but make sure they're also appropriate for the upholstery textiles.

Should I go with dry or wet carpet cleaning?

Both have their pros and cons. Dry carpet cleaning eliminates all of the extra effort, allowing it to be used right after cleaning. Wet on the other hand is far more thorough, but takes time. Generally, wet carpet cleaning is superior but dry is more efficient.

What are the different ways to clean my carpet?

There are two general ways of carpet cleaning – hot water extraction and dry cleaning. But do not get confused with dry cleaning since it is not exactly dry, as all carpet cleaning methods use water. Different ways are used depending on the carpet type and the choice of the owner.

Can mold ruin my carpet completely?

This depends on the type of mold that has affected the flooring, on how much it has spread and on how much damage it has already caused. When action is taken on time, the carpet is more likely to be saved. In fact, its texture and colors may be restored fully. However, if the damage is extensive, replacement will be required.

Does rug shaking help to remove dust?

This basic cleaning technique works for smaller rugs, but it is not particularly effective. Beating produces much better results. It works very well, especially for plush rugs, for which regular vacuuming is not recommended. Remember that both shaking and beating have to be done outside.

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