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Quick tips for carpet cleaning and rug maintenance! Easy ways to keep carpets and sofas clean and free of stains!
Clever solutions to deal with stains! Learn how to take care of your carpets and why the right products make the difference.

Vacuum after drying

We recommend another round of vacuum cleaning after the steam cleaned carpets dry up. This is in order to get rid of the detergent or cleaning substance residues that could affect pets or leave allergens on the floor. This also prevents the carpet fibers from sticking.

Use stain proofing products

Carpet stain protection products are not foolproof but they are not completely worthless as well. They can actually provide some degree of protection. Carpet cleaning professionals in Newhall acknowledge how these products can be useful. You just have to know how to properly use or apply them on your carpets.

Remove coffee spills

Carpet cleaning professionals in Newhall highly advise against letting coffee stains stand. Make sure to blot the stain immediately to keep it from seeping through. Then, spot clean it using a mixture of mild detergent, white vinegar, and warm water. After it dries out, apply a dry-cleaning fluid; let it dry again, before you vacuum it gently.

Prefer ecofriendly products

You must be very careful when you choose detergents for carpet and rug cleaning. Our specialists remind you that many products on the market are not entirely green and you must pay attention to their ingredients. Don't clean carpets with detergents which contain chemicals or the effects on your health will be bad. Prefer one hundred percent ecofriendly products. They are good for you, the carpet and the environment.

Exercise immediate damage control by cooling butter stains

You should not try to rub the butter or to dig it out as you will actually push it deeper into the fibers. Instead, bring some ice cubes and place them close to the butter. This will help to harden it. In this way, it will not turn into liquid state and get absorbed deep into the fibers. The sooner you act the better.

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